SI570 Frequency Generator for Crystal-Controlled Transceiver and 

General Purpose Crystal Replacement

Download Page


Download Assembly Files 

The Download file is SI570XTAL.ZIP (346kB). It contains the following -

All .asm files for the Tait project, including the general purpose crystal replacement setup.

si570xtal.hex executable code for the full 16 channel system using setupalt.asm.

PIC12F629 Linker File

The SI570 Data Sheet and Excel Worksheet.

Project files for use with MPASM Assembler/Linker.

The source code for the crystal-replacement software is in the form of a MPLAB project.  The project file is si570xtal.mcw

The project uses the following modules -

i2classic.asm, setupalt.asm, si570con.asm, tait.asm, 12f629.lkr 

 tait.asm is the main calling routine.

setupalt.asm may be replaced by setupgen.asm

If the general purpose setup is required, use Add/Remove files in MPASM to remove setupalt.asm and then add setupgen.asm

Disable case sensitivity before assembling.

Please report any difficulties or errors to G4OEP.

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